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Transformation from Human to Spirit

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Both Agreements and DisagreementsWhen you have finally made that crossing over from earth and are in heaven, you are allowed to experience heaven as you would like to think of heaven being and that has to do with many different conscious levels. Initially your heaven experience is still an experience of something that you connected with when you were on earth. You eventually move beyond that sense of earth pleasures and begin to move within your own spiritual consciousness and spiritual place.

AgreeIn the spirit world, seeing a temple is not a literal record of stone blocks but rather a visualization of the meaning the temple has to that soul.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 134, 2003

AgreeAfter physical death our spirit continues to carry all the fond memories of earthly is natural souls would want to maintain these planetary memories by re-creating their former bodies in the spirit world.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 290, 2003

AgreeThe boredom and stagnation of a stereotyped heaven will not for long content the striving consciousness. There are teachers to explain the conditions and circumstances. You are not left alone, therefore, lost in mazes of hallucination.

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul, Jane Roberts
pg. 119-120, 1994

AgreeQuestion to [Valerie's] Higher Self: My understanding of the personality is that it consists of a permanent, eternal core that survives death and reunites with the soul after death, as well as certain temporary traits that exist only during the lifetime. Ans: That is accurate. Question to [Valerie's] Higher Self: So, when a personality dies in a particular lifetime - say when Valerie dies in this lifetime - then her permanent core will be reunited with you? Ans: At this point it is not separate. Do not consider reuniting, for that betokens a separation. There is never any separation. What the personality feels [after death], when it feels one with God and higher self, is simply the brushing away of cobwebs that obscure its view, but it does not mean that it has not been connected.

Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?, Robert Schwartz
pg. 223, 2007

AgreeThe thoughts of many persons still upon earth have come to us here in the spirit world as a consequence of the narration of those experiences. Some there are who have thought to themselves, and, indeed, voiced the opinion to their friends, that the descriptions I have given of the spirit world, or rather, of that part of it with which I am acquainted, are almost too good to be true. An ideal state, they would say, that is too wonderful to exist in actual fact. The picture I have painted, they would continue, is an imaginative one, and has no existence outside the imagination. Now, that attitude of mind is not confined to the earth. People who are newly arrived in the spirit world express exactly the same opinion upon thousands of occasions. They simply cannot realize the concrete existence of all the wonders and beauties and marvels that they see around them. At least, they cannot do so at first. When they do realize it, their joy is supreme. So that, if seeing these entrancing things brings with it an initial and temporary disbelief, then it is not surprising that mere descriptions of them should engender something of a similar disbelief among people still upon earth. But the validity of my descriptions still remains, whatever adverse opinion or disagreement may be expressed upon them. I cannot alter the truth. We would not have one tiny fragment of these conditions altered. They are our life, and they afford us the greatest satisfaction and happiness. When the time comes for anyone of us to depart for realms higher above us in spiritual progression, we shall never for a single instant regret the period we have passed in these realms. They will always remain a fragrant and happy memory and it will always be permissible for us to return to these realms whenever we so wish. (from channeled spirit of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson)

Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia
pg. Chapt1, 1968

Agree"Something struck hard...I fell and found myself outside myself! What a small incident this dying is!...You see what a small thing death is, even the violent death of war!...If there be a shock, it is not the shock of physical death. Shock comes later when comprehension dawns: 'Where is my body? Surely I am not dead?'...I was so little dead that I imagined I was still [physically]alive. I had been struck by a shell-splinter. There was no pain...I had thrown my overcoat away. The coat was my body. I felt free and light. I am still evidently in a body of some sort. After I had recovered from the shock of realizing I was dead, I was above the battlefield. It seemed as if I was floating in a mist that muffled sound and blurred the vision. Everything was distant, misty, unreal. [Since he had not, as yet, shed the 'vehicle of vitality', his consciousness remained enshrouded and therefore 'sub-normal', while his environment was the illusory 'Hades' conditions]. I think I fell asleep for the second time [=a second momentary coma, the 'second death', due to shedding the 'vehicle of vitality']. At last I awokd [in the un-enshrouded Soul Body]. I am alive...'Life' is strangely similar to earthlife." (W.T. Pole, Private Dowding, 1917, pg 13)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 25-26, 1974 Source


Both Agreements and DisagreementsYour spirit guide is an overseer of bringing together all your loved ones upon your arrival in heaven because many of the people that you have been in contact with on earth are at various levels of spiritual consciousness. Spirit guide is there to continue their direction and guidance and helping you as you make this change from earth to the other side. is important we understand welcoming entities may not be part of our own particular learning group in the spirit world. This is because all the people who are close to us in our lives are not on the same developmental level. Simply because they choose to meet us right after death out of love and kindness does not mean they will all be part of our spiritual learning group when we arrive at the final destination of this journey.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Michael Newton
pg. 35, 1996

AgreeIn my work, guides are sometimes described as guardian angels, although our personal teachers are beings who have incarnated in physical form long before graduating to the level of guides. An intimate soulmate in discarnate form can also come to the gate to comfort us in times of need.

Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton
pg. 39, 2003 Source


Both Agreements and DisagreementsWhen you cross over you do not take pain, anger and bitterness with you, but will oftentimes be quite confused as to your new experience. You take all of your knowledge with you--everything you have learned through books, everything you have learned through your experiences, everything you have learned through your emotions, for these are all things that help you evolve as a spirit.

AgreeQuestioin 163: Does the soul regain self-awareness after leaving the body? Answer: Not all at once. For a time it is in a state of confusion that obscures its perceptions."

The Spirits Book: Modern English Edition, Allan Kardec
pg. 95, 2003

AgreeI think if one were asked what was the most common mental state in which the majority of people arrive in the spirit world, I should be disposed to reply from a fairly extensive experience, that they arrive in a state of bewilderment and complete ignorance of the fact that they have passed from the earth world. Relatives and friends, who have passed on before us, can help in such extremities, and they frequently do so. (from channeled spirit of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson)

Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia
pg. Chapt1, 1968

Agree The actual process of physical death must be undertaken alone, and in this sense it is a solitary business. But as soon as the spirit body is free then we can begin. So far I have been speaking of people who are destined for the bright realms of the spirit world. Equally, assistance is offered to those whose lives on earth have brought them to the dark realms. It is a safe rule to say that no person passing into the spirit world at dissolution does so unattended. There is always someone there. But in so many cases we are prevented from giving any help by the spiritual state of the soul we are approaching. In fact, approach becomes impossible, and so we can do nothing but watch the soul depart upon its way into darkness. Naturally, if we can perceive the tiniest glimmer of light issuing from such a soul, we do our best to fan it into something more resembling a flame. (from channeled spirit of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson)

Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia
pg. Chap2, 1968

AgreeSome of the statements made by those whose death was enforced are similar to those made by men who died naturally (e.g. (1) they felt little, if any, physical pain; (2) the shedding of the body caused no more than a momentary coma, "blackout", etc.; (3) the fact that they had permanently vacated the body ('died') was often unrealized for some time; (4) many saw their own bodies; (5) they suffered from any undue grief on the part of still-embodied friends; (6) they could not make (non-psychic) mortals see or hear them and (7) some at first wondered if they might be dreaming.

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 21-22, 1974

AgreeThe following are typical statements by those whose death was enforced. (1) "I awoke from a deep sleep. Bewildered, I got to my feet, and, looking down, saw my body among many others on the ground. I remembered the battle, but did not realize I had been shot. I was apart from, yet I still seemed held in some way to the body. My condition was one of terrible unrest; how was it that I was alive and had a body and was not yet apart from the covering I had thought constituted my body? I looked about. Others of the seeming dead moved. Then many of them stood up and, like me, seemed to emerge from their Physical Bodies, for their forms still lay upon the field. Soon I found myself among thousands in a similar mental state: none knew just what had happened. I did not know then, as I know now, that I always possessed a Spirit Body and that the Physical Body was only the garment it wore in earth-life. While the passing-out from this old body is without pain, it is a terrible thing to drive a strong spirit from a healthy body, to tear it from its covering. It is unnatural, and the sensation following re-adjustment is awful. In a short time I became easier, but I was still bewildered. It was neither night nor day; about us all was gloom. Something like an atmosphere, dark and red, enveloped us all. We seemed to hear one another think. Soon there was a ray of light that grew brighter each moment and then a great concourse of men with kindly faces came and, with comforting words, told us not to fear-that we had made the great change, that the war for us was over...I will not tell you of the sorrow that came with such realization, sorrow for wife. Her great grief, when she learned what had happened, bound me to her condition. We sorrowed together. I could not progress, or find happiness, until time had healed her sorrow. (Edward C. Randall, Frontiers of the After Life, 1922)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 22-23, 1974

Agree"When as the result of a fall, Joyce aged 18, 'passed over', she didn't feel much pain; transition seemed 'very natural'...I found I could visit you (mother) but couldn't understand why you didn't talk to me. I saw a lot of people when I was passing, but they weren't clear. I was not able to think at first: I merely felt things were happening. It never occurred to me that I was dead...I had no sensation of traveling when I passed over. I rested for a bit yet it was not sleep in the ordinary sense, for I was seeing people all the time." (G. Vivian, Love Conquers Death, pp 19, 91)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 24, 1974

Agree"I felt a terrible blow on my head, a sensation of dizziness and of falling, then nothing more...Consciousness returned...A kindly doctor came to my bedside and said, 'I want to have a talk with you...You have passed out of the physical body and are in the state you used to know as having died' I could not believe him...Then a gentleman came to speak to me who, I was told, was my grandfather. But I had never seen him before and was not convinced. I felt as if I were living in a dream...The doctor promised that I should be sent to you [his incarnate mother], that the truth might be proved to me...Two friends guided me through the astral plane to the earth. As we came nearer the earth the atmosphere became thicker and misty and the houses and everything seemed indistinct. The view disappeared. I found myself standing in your room...I called, 'Mummy, I'm here! Can't you see or hear me? You made no reply...You have only to concentrate your thoughts on me and they will reach me." (Mrs. L. Kelway, Claude's Book, 1918, pg 2)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 25, 1974

AgreeThere came first a mere sense of identity...[a 'partial' awakening'] and next a tumult of emotions [=confusion] and the unrolling of memories [=the review of the past life]. Then ...a dream-like awareness of people on earth...Then...'Hades', a dim and formless world...Finally...a growing awareness of...people moving about in a glorious world. (Jane Sherwood, The Country Beyond, p24)

The Supreme Adventure: Analyses of Psychic Communications, Robert Crookall
pg. 27, 1974 Source

The choice that you, as a Soul, have in relation to anything is always to be loving. Do you understand that this is the divine purpose that all of us as humans have been given -- to love unconditionally?

—John Morton