Methodology of Afterlife Research

The afterlife is one of the most important areas for humans to understand more fully, including its relationship to life on earth. There are many spiritual sources in books or on the Internet which:

  • - Contribute to a detailed description of the afterlife
  • - Demonstrate a significant amount of agreement to each other
  • - Appear to be credible

We felt that it would be a worthy contribution to prepare a detailed correlation of a number of these sources. Where high agreement exists, a strong foundation for belief and understanding would be provided. Where there is disagreement, or descriptions are scanty, opportunities for further analysis and investigation are presented.

The starting point for this comparison comes from a 156-page online e-book found on This book provides a high quality and challenging look at the circle of spiritual evolution. A well-respected Australian reviewer of the world's afterlife research, Dr. Victor Zammit, has described as "one of the best sites on the internet about the Afterlife".


The sources we've chosen to begin with have withstood the "test of time" and have been favorably cited by numerous authors. We have also included more recent works in order to investigate whether afterlife descriptions have remained consistent over time. Our selection of these are based upon mediums who have channeled for many years and have acquired reputations of high reliability and validity. In works that pertain to between-life and past-life regressions, the authors are serious researchers who, for the most part, came upon this hypnotic regression phenomena by accident. They have continued to forge onward regardless of potential adverse effects these discoveries may have had upon their careers. More sources will be added to this ongoing investigation, and we welcome site visitors to suggest works that have not yet been included. However, before contacting us, please review the sources under consideration found on the Sources page as you may find out that your recommended source is already included for future research.

From each of these sources we drew numerous quotes, which captured various salient elements of afterlife description. In turn, we compared these with one or more topics to see if agreement or disagreement existed. We have used state-of-the-art database technology to show the extensive comparative results from various perspectives and made these available to you in various ways through this web site. You can start by browsing the sections. We believe that nothing comparable exists on the Internet.

From over 500 source quotations, there is 50% agreement with the key findings. We feel that this set of descriptors and associated agreeing quotes, each covering some aspect of the afterlife, is a strong foundation for spiritual belief.


Our criteria for acceptance of modern works of channeled material will, for the time being, be based upon concrete evidence for the validity and reliability of the medium, his/her spirit contacts, and results from channelings that can be independently verified. This holds true for potential information garnered from past/between life regression findings. We are not interested in being bamboozled by tricksters or hoaxsters who wish to jest with this site. Any recommended source of afterlife information will be thoroughly investigated before incorporating it into our research. There will be a section on this site where details will be made public for all to read regarding recommendations of sources that will not be utilized and why we have chosen not to use them.


Detractors of this site will argue that we are biased, and say that we choose only that which agrees with our findings. Unfortunately without a purely objective selection criteria (which doesn't exist), we cannot combat such arguments and hope that by reviewing the site for yourself and doing your own research, you will come to the realization that our interest is in presenting the best possible description of the afterlife, and all related topics (e.g.: reincarnation, the death experience, life on earth, etc.) based on the most respected sources that we can find.

All of the creators of this site are 100% convinced of the afterlife. So yes, we are somewhat biased. But are glad to present any significant evidence that purports to disprove and disavow the reality of life after death. Plus if you have compelling information that contradicts the reality of the afterlife as depicted on this site, please let us know. Our aim is to describe the afterlife as truthfully as we can, and the rationale of this site is to compare modern sources for their consistency, and any contradictory evidence will be investigated to get to the bottom of it all.

We hope that we have achieved our goal to produce the largest database of afterlife description and analysis on the internet.

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—Gilda Radner